Waleed Cornish is the Bite of 87 Victim and is one of the survivors of a event similar to that.

Information Edit

Waleed was born on 1978 and lived with his parents and his older sister. On 1987, the new Freddy Fazbear's pizza was opened to public and Waleed was one of their customers. Waleed liked the place until he saw a purple employee helping an employee into a freddy suit inside the Parts & Service room, after this, he was terrified of the place. Waleed have also seen Shadow figures (Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy) around the place.

Waleed suffered from nightmares of a person who has been eaten by one of the suit as well as nightmares of Shadow figures. His older sister, Ayah Cornish, noticed this and made fun of him by jumpscaring him at random places around his house. At one point he was talking with some kids about the place, he found a young adult outside the pizza place and told him that his father is a guy in a purple clothes and how he is famous with kids to the point where kids started to draw him with the characters.

On 11/13/1987, Waleed had his birthday party in Freddy's, his sister unstoppable told him to stay in Kid's Cove in which some other kids where there, however, the day took a unexpected turn, the mangle jumped on Waleed preceding to bite his head, everyone screamed and ran away. Unlike the 83 victim, Waleed survived. He was later taken to a hospital where everyone was there. His sister promised him to no longer be mean to him and after all she was just joking with him.

Appearance Edit

He wears a green shirt with purple pants and grey shoes with two red dots on them. He has black hair and pal skin.

Trivia Edit

  • He was mentioned by Phone guy in one of his 1993 traning tapes.
  • The name Waleed comes from one of one of Ayham's friends at school.
  • His appearance comes from a Matpat about a fnaf 4 theory in which he says if the 83 victim is a different person from the 87 victim then his theory is false, in this scene he shows a kid who wears the same clothes as Waleed wear.
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