aka Oswald Cobblepot


I'm also Ayham4002 on other media

Some facts about me Edit

So im Oswald Cobblepot from DC comics, you know me more as Batman's enemy "Penguin".

Facts Edit

My friends are:

  1. Arthur Fleck, aka "Joker" who is basically a living human pennywise.
  2. Harvey Dent, a former business man turned evil because of a acid burn on one of his face's sides.
  3. Edward Nygma, honestly i don't know him that much though his a riddle type guy.
  4. Selina Kyle, she is weird because she wears a cat suit to rob banks and also flirts with her enemies.
  5. Jervis Tetch, while i consider him as a friend, he scares me because he "likes" children.
  6. Pepper Ivy, she calls herself "poison Ivy" and she weirds me out because of her obsession with plants. Basically a natural thot.
  7. David Hyde, he calls himself "Black Manta" becuase of his suit, he is a sailor.
  8. Morris Tetch, aka Clock King, some hypno-criminal.
  9. Max Schreck, totally a good friend.

My intrests are in Marvel, DC comics, Star Wars, Minecraft, Lego games, FNaF, Memes (of course) and more.

Well i guess thats all i can say

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