This AU goes on from Dfox999's artwork. Basically, this AU is based on how Vincent decided to treat Belle if he decides to be a complete ass she will have no problem in killing him in his final form. If Vincent decides to be nice to her, Belle will befriend him and take him to the afterlife where he will meet his family once more. Vincent initially kills his parents as a child, through poison cookies. A few years back he had met Belle who followed him into his adulthood. Belle was there to comfort him after having to be with Bonnie and she forced herself to help out so he could pay off Bonnie's debt 2x faster. Bonnie tries to rape her several times, however, Belle chokes him unconscious multiple times out of hate. After going to work for Freddy Fazbear he becomes a kind of father figure in her life. Belle babysits Freddy's son Jack. Belle's locket never really makes an appearance till later on down the timeline, but she has played its tune which is the melody to Sally's Song from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. The melody later changes to tears to shed from another Burton movie Corpse Bride.

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