Lullaby was one of William's victims after finding out about her son's death, Will thought she knew too much and killed her. Lullaby was later revived by the Puppet and taken as his mate. Yes, in this AU the puppet is male. Lullaby thinks of the kids as her own children and would often see them this way.

S.A.V.E.T.H.E.M Edit

Lullaby was the first one to hear the first killed child's cries, she went over and kissed its head resulting in giving it a mask. She kisses each kid and masked them all, except, Ben who they later find in the hallway. Lully's grief-stricken after realizing that none of them will ever be free. Out of sadness Lullaby cannot send her son away and instead the Puppet touches Ben's head, sending him to the last suit being Golden Freddy. That night Marie tries to teach her how to be an animatronic, and later they both sleep together inside the gift box.

The Day After Edit

Once Lully awakens she realizes that she is no longer in the puppet's gift box, but sitting in front of it. She is then met with the face of a man who grabs her legs. Lully blushes though it's noticeable since she's a robot. This man spreads her legs out in front of her and puts her hand underneath both of her thighs on either side of her. It looks cute, then he fixes her up, even more, fixing her dress, fluffing her "hair." Afterwards, he leaves her there, but not before introducing himself as Jeremy Fitzgerald.

Her First Party Edit

Lully and the Puppet are suddenly awakened by an hour-long power down, which for them, is like a nap. Lully awakens to see a child in front of her, just....starring.Being a little freaked out she shuts down once more, as a parent's states. "Why add more hot robots when some creeps gonna yiff em like they yiffed Chica." She suddenly reawakens just to hear blaring music, and then she began to sing "One More Time" By Daft Punk. Lully could hear the puppet voice behind her and found that maybe things will be ok.

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