Belle is an 18-year-old who wound up getting herself a job at Freddy's to get away from her abusive father. Belle states that she loves him but she can't take it anymore. She also says that she still calls him Daddy in the hopes that he'd one day reply by calling her sweetie. Her first night on the job Belle met Jeremy and somehow grew a crush on him. While also growing hatred towards Vincent. She becomes a bigger part of the plot as most of the night guards grow an attachment to her. Belle gets along well with Scott, Jeremy, Fritz, and Mike. Belle also has her moments with Vincent, however, and after learning about his backstory she starts to feel sympathy towards him. Belle usually has a tsundere attitude towards Vincent calling him a "Tonto" or a "Baka." Belle's known for her Spanish rants which consist of her screaming random things in Spanish when she's mad.

Appearance Edit

Belle is usually seen with brown hair, usually down, a long blue sweater, jeans, and blue flats that match her jeans. When in her night guard uniform, Belle keeps her hair up usually in pigtails though she's also seen with a bun.

Personality Edit

Belle has a fiery personality as she gets angered easily, and goes into one of her Spanish rants which result in her calling everyone Tontos or idiots. She can also have a sweet side as she hates seeing people being picked on or made fun of. During a night shift, she will attack an animatronic if it jumpscares her. She also knows how to fight and has threatened to drop kick Vincent a number of times, and has probably already done so because of his constant flirting.

Trivia Edit

  • Belle and Scott are the only ones that know Vincent was the true kiddie killer which is likely a reason for her to hate him.
  • Later on, she ends up marrying Jeremy and having Jackie Fitzgerald, their daughter who actually looks a lot like Chibichan.
  • In Writerchan's twisted AU based on Dfox999's AU Belle is 17 while in the original AU she's 18.
  • Belle loves kids and had dressed up like a circus clown for a near month to give kids balloon animals. This clown looked an awful lot like Circus Baby.
  • Belle knew how to handle kids because of her many cousins that she had to babysit when she was little.
  • Belle still loves her father and hopes that he will one day show her his love.
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