"The Finale Awaits I will come back..."

― Corruption

Info Edit

Cosmic Bluey is the Captain of the Star Squad. He is also a failed experiment like his counterpart Bluey. He is Evil.

What Really Happened Edit

While Scientists found out Experiment 87_Bluey Escaped they cloned Him. It did not work out great though, He ended up having Melted Skin and Normal Skin, while glitching through Space and time. He has turned Evil due to his alternative form Corruption, Has taken over him. He Will Try to find Bluey That Blue Bastard and end him

Legacy Edit

What he believed was his legacy was to be a replacement, That didn't turn out good. He ended up Burning his skin Chasing The Dark King through space. What in general happened was Bluey Came out and burned him on accident. Cosmo Corruption Has Been on the hunt For Bluey Will he ever succeed?

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