Chibichan is a chibi sized "Child" Writer chan started by drawing her on her class boards next to nice quotes for those classes, Ex: CHIBI LOVES ART! Writer Chan would usually refer to Chibichan as her daughter and has also drawn her a companion being Timothysan.

Appearance: Edit

Chibichan was drawn out of Writer Chan's love for Hatsune Miku. Basically they have similar appearances, however, Writer Chan has tried her best to make Chibichan not look exactly like a chibi Miku. In Chibichan's casual clothes she wears overalls over a long sleeved shirt. Chibichan is rarely seen without her pigtails. As she hates having her hair down.  

Personality Edit

Chibichan is sweet, adorable, and kinda mischievous. She basically looks and acts like a small child. She took to calling writer chan "Mama" often. Chibichan also tries to sneak things from her mom though Writer Chan always catches it anyway.

Trivia Edit

  • Chbichan looks very much like Belle's daughter in the fnaf universe Jackie Fitzgerald. They both share similar intrestest
  • Both Jackie and Chibichan hate having their hair down and they both love to sing and listen to music.
  • As stated Chibichan can be very stubborn and would do anything to get her way.
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